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Zgodilo se je: 24.02.2018, Super Koncert:VOODOO RAMBLE


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Band was founded in 2010 .Band was founded by a guitar player, song writer and producer of a band Boris Dugi-Novacki (Zamba) .Throughout the years a repertoar was movin’ from blues to rock .With a considering amount of live gigs on a biker parties , blues festivals  and other events band has earned a status of a reliable , quality band.

After years of playing covers , and songs of other autors band now has a material of it’s own writen entirely by Zamba(guitar).First place on a 5th Croatian Blues Challenge was a reward for a years of dedication to music  .Band played on 30th International Blues Challenge in 2014. in Memphis and European Blues Challenge in Tuscany , Italy in 2016.We enjoy in our performance and we try to transfer that to our audience.

Members of the band alongside Zamba are Kokanovic Dragan on bass guitar , well known and respected bass player with a power and rhytm of itself,an Mario Klaric young and allready “grown” drummer with a outgoing career and sound.

Like we say every show is important , and every audience deserves the best possible performance .That’s why we last so long , and hopefully with a little help from above we’ll