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Zgodilo se je: 15.08.2015, Splitting The Sky // Hearts Abyss // Beyond This Rift (A)

Splitting the Sky// are a 5 piece metalcore band from Maribor, Slovenia. Founded in 2014 and ranging with influences from every corner of metal, they released their ep “Shadows” and two singles, “Closure” and “The Missing”. Now as the band is preparing materials for their upcoming album, they are also ready to desecrate the halls around them.

Hearts Abyss // mbcoree

Beyond This Rift // was founded by the guitarists Gabriel and Martin in early 2014. They started songwriting immediately and after some months vocalist Paul and Drummer Tim joined the young Band. After an intensive search for a bass player who could fit our requirements we found Lukas.
The best way for describing our Style would be: Take modern Metalcore and add classical Melodic Death Metal wherever it is needed. The result is an epic wall of sound with harmonized guitar riffs, long guitar solos and hard breakdowns.

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